Are There Different Types of Wiper Blades?

Wiper blades can easily be overlooked, especially if you live in a climate where it doesn’t rain or snow very often, or at all. According to HowStuffWorks, wiper blades should be replaced every six months to one year. Although this is what many websites and mechanics advise, some wiper blade manufacturers claim their blades can last for “years.” Blades made of silicone, instead of the traditional rubber, are also said to last longer. Here’s a look at the different types of wiper blades on the market.

The Different Types of Wiper Blades

There are several wiper blades on the market. There are the traditional frame-style wipers, winter wiper blades, and premium beam-style wipers, according to Autoweek.

Frame-Style Wipers

The frame-style wipers are the most common for their wide availability and affordability. These wiper blades have rubber squeegees or halogen-hardened rubber. The halogen-hardened rubber is said to last longer than the untreated rubber, according to HowStuffWorks.

Winter Wiper Blades

Winter wiper blades have the added benefit of a protective rubber shell. This shell helps keep snow and ice off of the blades. Rain-X offers a hybrid blade that “meets or exceeds original equipment manufacturers’ standards.” It also has a shell, or casing, that keeps out snow and ice.

Beam-Style Wipers

Beam-style wipers are made of a single “one-piece design with minimal parts,” according to Autoweek. Many of these wiper blades are made of silicone or double-rubber. According to PIAA, “silicone rubber lasts at least two times longer than traditional blades.” These blades generally cost the most of all three types. Wiper blade manufacturer SilBlade uses a silicone/graphite blade that they say lasts for years.

Other Types of Wiper Blades

Along with blades that are made of silicone, rubber, or treated rubber, there are wiper blades on the market that are heated or wiper blades that have “scrubbers.” Everblades has windshield wipers that feature a heated frame and a heated squeegee. The wiper blades with scrubbers are manufactured by Scrubblade. These wiper blades utilize two blades and “tiny triangular scrubbers” to clear away water, dirt, bugs, and road grime. SilBlade has wiper blades that come in a range of colors from white, silver, and blue to green, yellow, and red. These wiper blades are made of a silicone/graphite blend.

Wiper Blade Manufacturers

Here is a list of a few wiper blade manufacturers. There are many more on the market beyond this list.

  • Scubblade This brand features a double-blade system that includes “tiny triangular scrubbers.”
  • PIAA These blades are made of silicone and come in three frame types.
  • SilBlade This company uses blades that are make of silicone/graphite. They offer the Flex, Uni, Rear, and Color blades.
  • Trico This company has a large assortment of wiper blades available. Their premium performance blades utilize Teflon. They have hybrid, factory replacement, and extreme weather blades.
  • Rain-X This brand also has several wiper blades to choose from. The “Weatherbeater” is good for wet weather, the “Expert Fit” is designed for an “original equipment fit.” The “Quantum” blades “apply water-repelling coating as you wipe.”