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Oil Replacement

Here at Done Right Auto Repair Service for car experts works hard to keep your vehicle running like-new by giving excellent oil replacement to all makes and models. There are a lot of posed inquiries in regards to oil and its crucial capacities, so we've assembled an aide about this fundamental assistance.

Full Engine Maintenance

Full engine maintenance is required because Engines are designed to run at a consistent speed. An engine is like the heart of a car. It needs to run smoothly in order to keep your car moving. Regular maintenance of your old car or vehicle can keep your engine healthy and save you a lot of money in repairs/ replacement/ maintenance.

Transmission Flushes

A transmission flush is exactly what it seems like: the old transmission liquid is flushed out of your vehicle, cleaning arrangements are gone through it to get out any garbage, and new liquid is stacked into your motor. The flushing out of the old liquid by an expert grade machine is unbelievably essential to guarantee your transmission can manage its work competently.


  • Full Engine Maintenance
  • Wheel Rotation

Brake Repair

Brakes are a fundamental piece of your vehicle's security. Normal brake examinations and support will guarantee that your brakes do what they were intended to do, guard you by viably halting your vehicle. At Done Right Auto Repair, we have an ensured expert who will look at your whole stopping mechanism.

Wheel Rotation

Tire rotation, which is regularly repositioning your vehicle's tires in explicit examples from front to back or side to side, is a significant component of tire upkeep and security. Moreover, turning your tires may likewise be needed to keep your tires covered under guarantee.

AC Repair

Air Conditioning systems require upkeep to keep working admirably. At Done Right Auto Repair we offer the best vehicle AC fix administrations at reasonable costs which incorporate blower check, fixing refrigerant holes, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. We have practical experience in exhaust systems to keep your vehicle running as effectively as could really be expected.