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Battery Replacement

Working on a batteryHaving battery problems? Drivers in the greater Denver area will find that Fisher Service has a great selection of affordable new batteries in stock, and the experts in our state-of-the-art service center will be happy to check your battery or replace it if necessary.

Knowing how long you can expect a car battery to last, and how to tell when it needs attention or is getting close to requiring replacement, will help ensure that you don’t wind up getting stuck somewhere unable to start your car. Read on to get answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about automotive batteries.

How Long Does a Car Battery Last?

The normal lifespan of a car battery is generally around 4 years. But that’s the average. Depending on circumstances and usage, a battery may die before it reaches 4 years, just as it may last up to 6 or 7 years. Even if you’ve been lucky though, if your battery is over 4 years old, it’s a good idea to have it checked out in our service center. As they say, better to be safe than sorry.

What Affects a Normal Car Battery Life?

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There are several things that can affect the lifespan of your battery. Some of the most common include:

  • Driving style – If you usually take a number of short trips during the day, or have a short commute, the battery may not receive a full charge. This can result in a condition known as “undercharge”, which can shorten the battery’s life.
  • Extreme weather – Extreme heat can shorten a battery’s life by speeding up chemical reactions within the battery. Extreme cold slows these reactions considerably, and prolongs the battery’s life.
  • Vibrations – If the battery is not properly secured, it can be jostled while driving, shaking the internal plates loose, thus damaging the battery.
  • Electronic devices – Too many electronic devices feeding off the car battery causes excessive strain, which will shorten the battery’s lifespan.

What are the Signs of Car Battery Problems?

A car battery is remarkably reliable, so it’s easy to overlook it, but making sure to have the battery regularly checked and/or serviced is important. Some of the signs that your battery is in trouble are:

  • Corrosion – A build-up of corrosion around the terminals can keep your battery from working as it should. Corrosion or stains on the battery casing may also indicate that it has a leak.
  • Sulfur smell – If your battery is starting to smell like rotten eggs, it means that it is overheating.
  • Car won’t start – Of course if your battery is dead, you won’t be able to start your car; however it can also mean that your alternator or some other part of the charging system is malfunctioning – another reason to have your battery checked.

What Does Car Battery Replacement Entail?

auto repairsFor the professionals at Fisher Service, replacing a car battery is a relatively quick and simple operation, and you can count on them to know exactly which battery is right for the make and model of your vehicle. Some of the criteria they use in determining which battery you should buy include:

  • Age – All batteries have a date code on them. It is important that it is purchased within 6 months of that date to ensure that it will be long-lasting and at full-strength.
  • Size – You want a battery that is the same size as the one you are replacing, so that it will fit correctly in your car.
  • Cold cranking amps – This is the capacity of a battery to start a vehicle at zero degrees Fahrenheit. The higher the CCA is, the better able it is to start your car in extremely cold conditions.
  • Reserve capacity – This tells you how long the battery can last if the alternator stops working.

How Much Does Car Battery Replacement Cost?

The cost of a new car battery starts at about $149.85. We are always happy to inspect, test, and service your battery here at Fisher Service. Our battery service is only $39.95 and can save you headaches and hassles down the road.

If you have any questions regarding your car’s battery, feel free to contact us online, or by calling 303-245-6414. You can also just stop by our professional service center at 6025 Arapahoe Road in Boulder and talk to one of our auto experts. We service vehicles of all makes and models, so come see us soon!