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Honda HR-V Tires: Sizes, All-Season and Winter Tires

October 12, 2015 / no responses

The lifespan of your Honda HR-V tires will vary depending on how you drive and whether you are driving on summer, all-season, or winter tires, according to Kicking Tires. Driving on under-inflated tires as well as driving with your HR-V out of alignment will shorten the tires’ lifespan. Kicking Tires estimates the life of a […]

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Road Trip Ready Your Car at Fisher Auto in Boulder

May 14, 2015 / one response

Many people remember taking road trips as a kid during summer break. This tradition continues with trips to national parks, amusement parks, and historical wonders, but is your vehicle road trip ready? Here is how to road trip ready your car. How to Road Trip Ready your Car There are plenty of things you can […]

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Why your Check Engine Light is On: 5 Causes to Explore

May 13, 2015 / one response

No driver wants to see that the check engine light is on in their vehicle. The reason the check engine light is on can range from something as easy to fix as tightening your gas cap to being as troublesome as needing a new catalytic converter. However, in some cases drivers mistake the check engine […]

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Reasons for Transmission Fluid Leaks include Broken Seals

April 28, 2015 / one response

The transmission is one of the most important components of your vehicle. If you spot a leak— an oily, red fluid present on the ground toward the front, middle of your vehicle—it’s important to have the leak fixed. Running out of transmission fluid can lead to a burnt-up transmission, according to AGCO Automotive Corporation. Reasons […]

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Transmission Fluid Leak: Diagnose Before Fluid Levels are Low

/ no responses

Your car’s transmission is vital to the operation of your vehicle. Without a transmission, the power the engine provides wouldn’t be able to reach your vehicle’s wheels, according to The Car Connection. To keep your car running optimally it is important to spot issues with your transmission. One of those issues is a transmission fluid […]

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Clogged Fuel Filter: How to Know its Time for a New Filter

April 17, 2015 / no responses

The fuel system in your vehicle is made up of several components, and if any single part of the system is disrupted your car may not start. The car’s fuel filter prevents debris and dirt from entering the fuel system. Over time, however, the fuel filter will become clogged, according to eHow. Damage can be […]

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Fuel Line Leak: Symptoms and Detection

April 16, 2015 / 5 responses

The fuel lines are just one element in a vehicle’s intricate fuel system. It is the job of the fuel lines to bring fuel from the gas tank to the engine. According to eHow, fuel lines can develop leaks over time because they are prone to rub against metal under your vehicle. Mechanics stress that […]

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Bad Fuel Pressure Regulator: Is Your Fuel Mileage Worse?

/ no responses

According to eHow, the fuel system in a car is made up of several components and if any part of that system is flawed your car can run erratically, or it might not be able to run at all. The job of one of those components—the fuel pressure regulator—is to make sure the correct amount […]

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Fuel Pump Problems: Is it Time for a New Fuel Pump?

April 15, 2015 / no responses

A fuel pump plays a pivotal role in the operation of your vehicle. According to Chilton, the fuel pump forces fuel from the fuel tank to the engine. If the fuel pump fails to work, your engine will receive less fuel, or in some cases no fuel at all. Here’s a list of how to […]

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Fuel Economy Myths Debunked: Which Did you Believe?

April 14, 2015 / no responses

The best-ever recorded fuel economy was on the PAC-Car II. In 2005, the hydrogen-powered car achieved 12,665 mpge at the Shell Eco-marathon in France! Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are not readily available, but will soon be available in select markets. For now, many of us must still rely on gasoline or hybrid vehicles to get […]

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