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Car Maintenance Near Boulder

Fisher Service is Your Premier Source for Car Maintenance in Boulder

Regular maintenance is essential to keeping your vehicle in top working order.  Choosing the right service center can make the difference between a solid running car and a big repair bill later on. At Fisher Service, we specialize in all kinds of car maintenance in Boulder. Our certified service technicians and state-of-the-art facility are here to make sure that your vehicle gets the best service around.

The Importance of Routine Car Maintenance

Every vehicle comes with a lengthy maintenance schedule designed to keep hard-working parts in good order. These schedules don’t happen by accident – they are developed by engineers who know just what it takes to maintain the complex piece of machinery that gets you where you need to go. Keeping up on your routine car maintenance is important. It will not only keep your vehicle purring, but it will help you avoid costly repairs – or catastrophic failure – down the line.

Trusting in a certified service center to get the job done for you ensures that, not only will your warranty remain intact, but that the correct tools and parts are used to get the job done right.

Below is a routine maintenance checklist that covers the items most vehicles will need at particular intervals. Check with your owner’s manual to verify the appropriate maintenance schedule for your vehicle.

5,000 – 10,000 Mile Service Checklist

  • Engine Oil and Filter Change – Depending on your manufacturer’s car maintenance schedule, the engine oil and filter should be replaced every 5,000 – 10,000 miles on newer cars – more often for older cars or cars that see more stop and go driving.
  • Tire Check and Rotation – The tire tread should be examined and tires should be rotated to ensure even wear. This is a good time to verify that the vehicle’s alignment is correct and have it adjusted if needed as well.
  • Fluid Check – Automotive fluids, such as power steering, radiator, and windshield washer fluid should be checked at this time and changed or topped off as needed. Fluids should also be carefully examined for any evidence of debris, which could indicate damaged components deeper within the engine.
  • Transmission Fluid – The transmission is composed of up to 1,000 individual parts that all work together in a delicate balance to maintain your vehicle’s torque and speed. Keeping the system healthy and well lubricated will ensure that those parts are able to serve their purpose for years without failure.

15,000 – Mile Service Checklist

  • Brake Service – The brake system is essential to keeping you and your passengers safe on the road. Having brakes inspected at your 15,000-mile check – or if you notice that they are making noise or aren’t functioning properly – will keep you and your passengers protected.
  • Steering and Suspension – Every part of the system, including shock absorbers and struts, should be checked for leaks or road wear. Any parts showing signs of damage or excessive stress should be replaced.
  • Fuel System Check – Fuel lines should be checked for leakage, and the fuel filter should be inspected frequently. Vehicles with carbureted engines should have their fuel filter replaced every year, or when the filter shows signs of damage or the presence of water. Fuel injected engines should have their fuel filters changed every 2 years or 24,000 miles.
  • Interior and Exterior Lights – It goes without saying that non-functioning bulbs should be replaced, but most drivers neglect to inspect their electrical system prior to noticing a problem. Connections and wires should be inspected regularly to avoid issues later that could leave you in the dark.

30,000 – Mile Service Checklist

  • Belts and Hoses – Belts and hoses should be inspected regularly, and any showing signs of excessive wear, unusual changes in color, or cracking should be replaced immediately.
  • Exhaust System – Your vehicle’s exhaust can see a lot of wear and damage, particularly from off-road or winter driving. The exhaust system should be carefully inspected for signs of leaks, road damage, or damage to the supports that keep it in place.
  • Spark Plugs – Small, but mighty, your spark plugs are the essential component responsible for the internal combustion that moves your car forward. Checking to make sure that they are clean and in good working order will help your car to maintain horsepower and fuel economy.
  • CV Joint Boots – Essential for keeping debris out of your vehicle’s CV joints, these boots should be inspected periodically to ensure that road dirt doesn’t build up in your vehicle’s essential systems.

Come to Fisher Service for all Your Car Maintenance Needs

When you’re ready for service from professionals who know their craft, stop by Fisher Service at 6025 Arapahoe Rd. in Boulder. We’re here to help you keep your vehicle on the road and in top form longer. Schedule your appointment today and see what a difference quality car service in Boulder can make to your vehicle’s life.