Dent Repairs and Detailing

Every day there are numerous opportunities for something to dent your vehicle, including rogue shopping carts being blown by the wind, fender benders at red lights, and even spontaneous hailstorms. If your vehicle encounters such enemies and needs auto body repair, stop by Done Right Auto Repair We can handle car dent repair for small dents with relative ease using special hand tools, and for larger dents we will use state-of-the-art equipment to examine the damaged area and determine the proper treatment plan. If your vehicle is involved in an accident, be sure to bring it to us for the highest quality auto collision repair!

What is Paintless Dent Repair?

Paintless dent repair is a process of removing dents and dings from a vehicle without needing to utilize expensive body fillers and new coats of paint. At Done Right Auto Repair our highly skilled technicians will use a series of steel rods to get to the dent from behind the car’s body panel. These steel rods are used to apply pressure to key points of the dent to massage the metal and work the dent out while special lighting is used to make the fine details of the dent visible.

By bringing your vehicle in for professional paintless dent repair you can restore the look of your car while keeping the original finish in-place. While this process may seem like it could be performed at home, you do run the risk of damaging your vehicle’s trim or wiring while trying to get access to the dent, which is why it is so important to let our professionals utilize their years of experience to handle this process. It is also important to realize that not all dents and dings are candidates for paintless dent repair — our technicians will analyze your vehicle’s damage and determine if paintless dent repair is an option or if different methods of dent removal will need to be used.

One of the more common areas for dents to occur is on car doors. When approaching door dent removal, there are several important factors to examine:

  • Location of the Dent: Automotive technicians must first examine the location of the dent on the door to see if paintless dent repair is an option. If the dent is too close to a panel edge or crease, other dent removal methods may be used.
  • Identify the Type of Dent: The next step that our technicians perform is to examine the extent of the dent to see if paintless dent removal is still an option. If the dent is shallow, has no visible paint damage, and appears structurally sound, then paintless dent removal can be used.

Our technicians use similar factors to determine if hail dent removal can be completed using paintless dent removal techniques.

Can I Perform Paintless Dent Repair Myself?

When your vehicle is in need of small dent removal it may be tempting to just complete the process yourself. While this is possible, there are numerous risks that could arise when attempting paintless dent repair without the proper tools and expertise. Just a few of these risks include:

  • Massaging a dent too far, which causes the sheet metal to stretch beyond repair, resulting in a deformed shape.
  • Repairing a dent that appears to be completely removed, only to find minor imperfections that appear with different lighting.
  • Purchasing incorrect tools that could lead to trim damage when attempting to remove body panels to reach the dent.

With the numerous risks that can occur from paintless dent repair, it is considerably more cost-effective to let the professionals at Done Right Auto Repair take care of your dent removal needs.

What if I Need a Car Paint Job with My Dent and Scratch Repair?

For some dents using paintless dent repair is simply out of the question, and in these cases it is important to bring your vehicle to Done Right Auto Repair where our skilled automotive technicians can treat paint that has been damaged by hail or an accident. When surface scratches are present it is important to remove the old finish completely using surface sanding to prevent the area from cracking and peeling later. When the damage occurs on a bumper, the proper course of repair may be to remove the bumper. By removing the bumper we can obtain the best paint coverage and avoid paint overspray that will ruin the vehicle’s finish.

What Car Detailing Services Are Offered at Done Right Auto Repair?

At Done Right Auto Repair we offer many car detailing services to keep your vehicle looking pristine. Exterior detailing can help restore the luster of your vehicle’s paint and trim, while interior detailing provides the most thorough cleaning possible to restore your interior to a like-new condition. In addition to providing a clean vehicle, detailing also provides a level of protection that can keep your car looking beautiful, which will only help increase the value of the car if you ever decided to sell it or trade it in. It’s important to keep up with a regular vehicle maintenance schedule to keep your vehicle looking and performing great for years to come. Just a few of the types of detailing that we offer include:

  • Paint Care: Since paint is so delicate, we perform a three-step process to keep it looking its best. First the vehicle is washed and dried to remove dirt and grime, then a clay bar is applied to remove imperfections in the clear coat, and finally the paint is polished to remove fine scratches and seal the exterior with wax to keep the paint protected.
  • Chassis and Wheels: Your vehicle’s undercarriage and chassis receives a cleaning along with the rest of the exterior. This includes not only the area under the car but also the wheel wells and suspension to help protect against corrosion and cracking.
  • Headlights, Taillights, and Exterior Trim: Headlights and taillights are treated to remove oxidation and then closed off with plastic sealant. Exterior trim is polished and protected to prevent cracking and fading as these parts age.
  • Interior Detailing: Interior detailing involves shampooing and steam cleaning of all carpets and seats as well as cleaning of plastics and vinyl throughout the interior and trunk areas.
  • Engine Detailing: Engine detailing is an important aspect of automotive detailing that degreases the engine first, then dries and seals silicone, plastic, and rubber components to prevent cracking as they age.