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Are You Looking for New Tires Near Thornton? Visit Fisher Service!

Set of Tires
If you’re in need of replacement tires, tire service, or tire repair, then visit Fisher Service, your Thornton area tire center. We stock replacements for all different makes and models of vehicles, giving you one of the most diverse selections of tires in the area. When Thornton drivers buy new tires from us, we give them some special benefits as well as the peace of mind of a price-match guarantee, ensuring that we are always the best place to buy tires.

And if you want to get the most out of your tires, you’ll need to take good care of them.

The Importance of Regular Tire Service

Replacing TiresHave you ever noticed your tires balding well before they hit the mileage limit you were promised when you bought them? There’s a good chance that happened because of irregular tire service. Routine tire balancing and rotation is important to ensure regular and even wear on your tires.

Our common tire services and why you need them:

  • Tire Rotations: Thanks to the way we drive, tires wear unevenly, and the easiest remedy for this is to take your tires and move them to different spots on the car. That way if the front tires are wearing a bit heavily on the outside, moving them to the rear will help even out the wear and get you the most mileage from them.
  • Tire Balancing: A side effect of wear and tear is that your tires won’t necessarily have uniform weight distribution around the wheel, which can lead to even more uneven wear. When we balance your tires, we put counterweights on so that they rotate evenly.
  • Alignment Service: If you’ve hit one too many curbs or potholes in your time, your car’s alignment could be off. A misaligned car can cause tires and brake pads to wear unevenly.

Regular tire maintenance isn’t just important for saving money on tires; uneven wear and tear could make it easier to pick up a nail or cause a blowout when driving.

What You Get With Our Tire Service

Working on a tireWhen you make Fisher Service your Thornton area tire center, you get more than the best tire prices in the area. We’ll put your new set of wheels on your car as quickly as possible, and we go above and beyond the competition when it comes to caring for our drivers.

Each new set of tires from Fisher Service comes with

  • Complimentary Summer/Winter Tire Swap
  • Road Hazard Protection Insurance (Up to 2 Years)
  • We’ll Repair Your Flat Tires
  • Our Drivers Receive Complimentary Tire Rotations with New Tires

Add on our price-match guarantee that ensures you’ll be enjoying the best tire prices near Thornton, and we think it’s clear why so many drivers choose Fisher Service for their replacement tires.

Do You Need New Tires?

TiresWe’ve told you how to get the most life out of your tires, but how can you tell when you need to invest in a new set? Even if your tires say they’ll last for 80,000 miles, they may need replacing a bit sooner. We have two quick and easy ways to find out when to replace your tires:

  • Take a ruler and drop it into the tread; if your tread depth is less than 2/32 of an inch, you should replace your tires soon. We recommend replacing two or four tires at a time to help keep wear as even as possible.
  • Ask us. When you’re here for service or maintenance, we’ll be happy to let you know if you should invest in some new tires.

If you can’t find a ruler, a penny will do in a pinch; the distance from the top of Lincoln’s head to the edge of the penny is about 2/32 of an inch.

We have all different kinds of tires in stock, including those made specifically for winter/snow, off-road driving, pickup trucks, and performance cars. If you’re curious what these tires have to offer that all-season tires don’t, just ask; we’ll help you find the right ones for you.

Contact Fisher Service for New Tires Near Thornton

Fisher Service is your Thornton area tire center, so the next time you need replacement tires at the best prices, you know where to go. Contact our service center to schedule your appointment for new tire installation or maintenance/repair of your current tires. See firsthand why Fisher Service is the leading source for new tires near Thornton.