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Subaru Wheel Alignment near Lafayette at Fisher Auto

Subaru Wheel Alignment near Lafayette

Fisher Auto Provides a Free Wheel Alignment Check


Fisher Auto in Boulder, Colo., will perform a free wheel alignment check on your Subaru. We are located just 8 miles from Lafayette! If your Subaru is drifting to one side while you’re driving straight ahead or if your steering wheel is vibrating, it’s time to get a Subaru wheel alignment check.

Why is a Subaru Wheel Alignment Necessary?

Cars need their wheels realigned due to everyday driving, according to HowStuffWorks. The wheels shift and sit at an incorrect angles as a result of a small accident, because of driving on rough roads, or from bumping into a curb. Other tell-tale signs that your Subaru needs an alignment check is if you are driving straight, but your steering wheel is not centered or if there is wear on the outsides of the tires.

Poor Wheel Alignment Affects Fuel Efficiency and Tire Wear

If the wheel alignment check shows that your Subaru needs an alignment, the service includes the correction of the angle the tire is positioned in. The caster, camber, and toe angles are measured and corrected using top-of-the-line equipment. When tires are positioned correctly against the pavement, unnecessary tire wear is corrected and fuel efficiency is improved.

Subaru Wheel Alignment near Lafayette

Fisher Auto is located just 8 miles from Lafayette! Click on the image for a better view.

How Much Does a Subaru Wheel Alignment near Lafayette Cost?

The cost of an alignment varies by make and model. The most common alignment is the 4-wheel alignment and this is the alignment Subarus need. This alignment is for vehicles that have adjustment points on the front and rear suspension. The price starts at $99.95.

If your Subaru needs additional adjustments to become perfectly in specification, the cost of an alignment can be between $135 and $170. Alignments not only stabilize the vehicle’s steering, but the service also improves fuel efficiency and lessens tire wear in relation to a vehicle that is out of alignment.

Why Choose Fisher Auto?

Fisher Auto is a family owned and operated business that has been in Boulder, Colo., since 1968. With almost 700 Google reviews and a 4.8 out of 5 star rating, why would you choose to do business anywhere else? Our highly-trained technicians get the job done right and our parts and service directors have been with us for 30 years!

We will complete a wheel alignment check and make adjustments on your Subaru! We are located in Boulder and are a short drive from Lafayette. Call us at 303-245-6414 to schedule a Subaru wheel alignment near Lafayette or stop by during our express service hours when no appointment is necessary.

View our service specials for coupons on a Subaru wheel alignment near Lafayette and other repairs. A wheel alignment check is free! The 4-wheel alignment service starts at $99.95. Price varies depending on your vehicle.